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At Deer Creek Banquet Hall, we’ll make sure the vision for your special event becomes a reality. Our Wedding Venue offers what you need to create the stunning occasion you and your guests will always remember. We’ve been making celebrations our business since 2015, and can’t wait to serve you.


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Deer Creek Banquet Hall is a event venue, we offer what’s need to host a beautiful and unforgettable wedding or special event. For any special requests you might have, we’ve got the services or connections to make them happen either way we got you covered.

Kieley Yates
February 5, 2024
We used Deer Creek as our wedding venue back in December 2023 and it was just so wonderful. The landscaping was beautiful and the water feature on the property is stunning. The ceremony space was completely covered which was fantastic as it actually did rain during our ceremony. The structure above the ceremony space worked really well as everything remained dry and untouched by the rain. The indoor reception area was very clean and well kept. It was very space-ish and had a pretty nice lay out that made set up simple and efficient. The venue itself was great, but the owner, Reginald, was even better. Reginald was insanely helpful in the wedding planning. I didn't have a wedding planner and planned my wedding all by myself. Reginald is very experienced in weddings and was able to help me find important vendors such as catering and DJ, and helped me make sure I didn't forget any small but important aspects of the wedding. He also would contact me frequently about ideas he had to make my wedding better which showed how much he really does care about the brides and weddings he hosts. Reginald's prices are also very fair and reasonable. He also can supply a lot of things like plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, and table/seat clothes for all the tables and chairs. Having those already supplied made decorating and clean up so much easier as all we had to do was put our table decorations down and pick them back up after. I really don't think I could have planned the wedding as well as I dof if I didn't have Reginald. If you are considering having your wedding at Deer Creek Banquet Hall, do it! It's a beautiful venue ran by an amazing human being and you won't regret it 🥰🥰🥰
Luke Harris
December 18, 2023
Lovely venue! I visited Mississippi from the UK for a wedding and had an absolutely fantastic time. Reginald, the owner of the venue, made sure everything was on top form for the wedding and couldn't do enough for the happy couple. My Canadian wife and her family enjoyed their stay also, saying how welcoming the place was. Don't let the distance deter you from hiring this venue!
Kathy Yates
December 18, 2023
Fantastic place for my daughter's wedding! Reginald made sure that everything was done, exactly as she wanted it. My family came down from Canada and had an excellent time. Ceremony, pictures and reception all at the same place.
Larhonda Mcdougle
October 25, 2023
This venue was the absolute best. The owner made sure everything was perfect for my son's big day.
Howard Hopson
September 18, 2023
Love it
Jo Hackl
August 29, 2023
We had an excellent experience at this beautiful, peaceful venue. From the planning to the event itself, the owner went above and beyond to ensure that our event was everything we wanted it to be and more. We definitely recommend Deer Creek and will use it for future events.
Latrasha Hersey
August 12, 2023
Reginald is very professional and takes great pride in his venue. Very knowledgeable and helpful, not to mention the facility was spacious and immaculate. His communication about everything was very prompt after I sent the first email. I would highly recommend the facility.

Deer Creek Banquet Hall is committed to excellence as a stunning venue space. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, we can accommodate your Wedding Planning needs.

Our services are a wonderful way to add a unique element to your special event. Regardless of what your event needs are, we aim to please at Deer Creek Banquet Hall.